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Important things to be remembered in selling cellular credits

Of course the first time a buyer considers the price. Generally, they choose the cheapest price. This is what you really need to pay attention to, recognize your competitive environment. Surely, those who have a credit sales counter business are not just you. Don’t place prices too high. Moreover, the price is very far below the market. The buyer will come and you feel happy at that time, but after that, you will go bankrupt because your capital does not return. You must run your continuous business consciously. Don’t just tempt many buyers, but profit – loss is uncontrollable. In the meantime, you may go to convert pulsa rate tinggi if you need to convert the remnants of your cellular credits into money.

Standby phone

The cellular credits and mobile data plan are all of a sudden, especially when you need to call someone, make a school or college assignment, etc., when that happens, of course, confusion hits. Especially if it runs out at night, all shops are closed and it is impossible to knock the door. At times like that you and your credit sales are needed. After your close friends promote your sales, some other people will know that you turn out to sell credit. Without hesitation, they will contact to buy credit or quota. So, don’t forget to always standby. But don’t be forced too, you have the right to refuse the buyer if, for example, it has disturbed your rest. For example, you are already sound asleep, then suddenly at 3:00 a.m. the morning of miscellaneous insistence, ask for your quota to deaf ears, so that you can’t help but sleep disturbed. Don’t forget about your own comfort.

Ask friends to make testimonials

A kind of review on your counter business, ask your friends and people who have bought credit through you to make testimonials. Can be on BBM status, story WA, Instagram, Facebook, and various other online media. The point is that the more people know that buying credit and quota in you can, the service is ok. The more testimonies or reviews, the more prospective buyers are interested in buying credit and quota at your place. Always provide good service and friendly attitude when dealing with buyers.