Detox tea has been popular for years, especially among those who are determined to have slim bodies in alternative ways. Detox tea has even become a big business, and its popularity is supported by celebrities, one of whom is Hollywood artist Hillary Duff. Scientifically, is detox tea really useful and safe? Before you decide to become a Duff follower, first know the truth about detox tea.

– You still have to stay on a diet and exercise so that the tea can work

Actress Amber Rose, recommends one brand of detox tea on her Instagram account. However, he also wrote that to get the best results, tea must be consumed along with plenty of water, healthy and balanced food, and exercise three to five times a week. It is difficult to know whether Rose’s slim body was obtained because of the tea she recommended or the result of a balanced diet and the routine exercise she did. Logically, it will be difficult to lose weight, or maintain an ideal weight, if you eat carelessly and don’t exercise, how much detox tea do you consume.

– You may lose weight, not fat

Detox tea that is full of caffeine is a diuretic that can cause loss of body fluids. Two cups of water are equivalent to almost one kilogram of body weight. As a result, fluid loss can make you look and feel lighter, even though you don’t lose body fat at all. Detox tea also has a laxative effect, which causes the body to lose food waste and dirt from the digestive tract. This is what makes your stomach look flat and feels lighter, even though your body fat ratio stays exactly the same.

– Research on detox tea is still inadequate

Although there are several studies on various ingredients that are often mixed into detox tea products, there is no specific research on the tea itself. Especially regarding the right tea formula for weight loss. That is, everything about detox tea still leaves unanswered questions: Is this tea really effective? How it works, how to use it, and so on. If you plan to consume this tea, it’s better to talk to your doctor or nutritionist first.