How to Secure Your Security?

You have a problem with the rust attached to the lock of your house so the padlock can no longer be used? Already know how to overcome the rust? If not yet know it, do not worry, I will share the tips easy & cheap for the key padlock that you use not easily rusted or obsolete due to friction continuously.
In general, the rust that appears in the padlock is usually due to exposure to sunlight, dust, and raindrops continuously, so the padlock will be faster rusty and worn. Instead of having to buy a new padlock, it would be nice to do maintenance so as not to spend money from your pants pocket.

Here are the tools you need to prepare:
1. Lubricant (oil, cooking oil)
2. Pliers
3. Tissue

1. Put enough oil into the keyhole and between the padlocks, you can also use cooking oil if you do not have new oil / used. Allow a few moments for the oil/cooking oil to enter and wet the padlock.

2. After a few moments of silence, apply oil/cooking oil to the key rod and drop more oil to the key hole.

3. Rotate the lock repeatedly until it feels enough to reuse. If the key is difficult to enter because there is rust inside, wear pliers to make it easier for you. Do not be forced to rotate, because it will damage per and can break the key rod, slowly until the key can rotate and can be reused.

4. Clean the padlock with a tissue.
The above tips are also useful for reducing key friction with per existing in the padlock, so the key life will be more durable. However, if the padlock key is already obsolete due to friction, you can duplicate the key without having to replace the existing padlock.

If by using oil or cooking oil is considered less modern, you can use WD as a lubricant for all types of keys. Take care of your padlocks regularly to avoid rusting or friction damage. However, if you are having a high working activity and you don’t have a time for it. Locksmith cardiff is a solution for your home lock. Our professional team will be able to secure your security as well as fix it if it’s broken.