How To install Wood Decking outside the House

First of all is the location to be covered This wood decking should be in Plaster first and in tidied with the PC cement mixture. It’s useless for wooden Decking to be installed to avoid touching the ground. In addition, the PC cement mixture serves to smooth the flow of water when exposed to rain or water spray
Installing Wood Decking Prepare wooden or wooden beams Cassettes to be used as Decking Pads. Aside from that, you may also check out tongue and groove ipe to get the best decking materials online.

The thickness of this wooden beam should be adjusted to the required level.
Can size 2x4cm Kasap, can 4x6cm, can also size 5x7cm, or bias also with Decking material itself which the standard size 1.9x9cm.

Installing Wood Decking The next step is to spread the cassette or wooden pads above the PC cement mixture which will be fitted with Decking Standard Distance is 50cm or 60cm. Or depending on the thickness of Decking to be used. Decking Bearing
It’s useless to provide air circulation space under Decking that has been installed smoothly.

Installing Wood Decking 10 This is because Decking’s thickness affects the Stability of the Decking power itself. While the distance is 50cm, is the standard portion for decking with a thickness of 1.9cm

Installing Wood Decking 6 After the Wooden Bearing is spread one by one, do not forget to reinforce the stretch by screwing it with Fischer so that the pads are not shifted.
Installing Wood Decking 3 After that, start measuring Wood Decking which will be installed one by one and directly mounted on top of the Bearings by means of the screw from the top.
If necessary, the wood decking material may be cut to adjust to the size of the Field.
Installing Wood Decking 14 It should be noted that the installation of this Decking should be fitted in a zigzag, as it is to install a brick.

This is the point of making this installation more powerful and stable because it is interlinked.
Installing Wood Decking 13 And to note is the installation of the decking should be given a distance of 3-5cm between other Decking.This is the point to give space on the movement of wood when expanding or shrinking due to weather changes.

Keep in mind that all types of Wood, whether in the oven or not, still aka tone of movement when the weather changes.
Installing Wood Decking 11 In addition, it should be given a distance when it meets with walls or walls. It’s useless to make room for the wood movement when expanding or shrinking due to weather changes

The display of remote floors that have been installed decking provides a very significant change than before it was installed.
And this gives a very elegant and cool feel in the garden area.
Installing Wood Decking 19 And the last step, do not forget to do Coating on Decking wood that has been installed.