How to choose the right medicine?

Medication is a commodity that has special properties and is very complex. In the right conditions, the drug will bring healing from a disease that is suffering. But on the other hand, the drug will actually become toxic if there is abuse or wrong use. Currently, various kinds of drugs with various dosage forms, brands and price variations are very easy to find everywhere. When choosing a drug, make sure that the drug chosen is a drug that is really needed to cure the illness. Observe the symptoms of the disease that is felt and conveyed to the doctor or pharmacy in the pharmacy correctly and clearly, one of which is metiska farma who has experience in providing leading and reliable pharmaceutical products.

The dosage of the drug used must be appropriate, that is in the therapeutic dose range, not too small (underdose) or too large (overdose).

Drugs with too small doses (underdose) will cause blood levels of the drug to be too small or below the Minimum Effect Concentrate (MEC) line, which is the minimum drug level in the blood to give a therapeutic effect. Whereas if the dose is too large (Overdose) will result in drug levels in the blood exceeding the Minimum Toxic Concentrate (MTC) threshold, namely the concentration or minimum drug levels in the blood that can cause toxic effects. Individual patient factors are also a consideration in drug administration.
This means that the patient’s clinical history needs to be considered, for example for patients who are allergic to sulfa class antibiotics, then these patients cannot be given sulfa class antibiotics. For asthma patients with a history of heart disease. So in the maintenance of asthma drugs selected drugs with ß blockers that are selective to ß2.

The time of administration or use of this drug also affects the efficiency of the drug used because there are drugs that are inhibited by the presence of food. This means that the drug must be taken before eating, for example, Metoclopramide. Last but not least, price considerations. Drugs with high prices do not guarantee that the drug works. It will be less optimal therapy if you get a drug with a high price, but you can only buy half the prescription or only part of one dose of therapy.