How Does Testosterone Help Muscle Mass Development?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that can be encountered easily in the body. While 96 percent of testosterone is used for other purposes in the body, most people generally concentrate more on the ability of the hormone to create physical changes. Testosterone can trigger an increase in muscle mass, but prudence is still needed because testosterone can also cause many problems in the body. In competitive sports, using testosterone is considered illegal doping. Every athlete should be careful and make sure that the supplements consumed do not contain testosterone that can be considered doping. Although men and women alike produce testosterone in the adrenal gland, Leydig cells in the male testis are the largest producers of testosterone. So far, the role of the hormone testosterone on your life of the men so you should be able to balance the hormone it well, one of them is to exercise regularly especially for those of you who are in the formation of muscle, this will be important even if you will need a supplement to help you get the muscle you want the testogen reviews 2016.

Men produce about 7 milligrams of testosterone per day or about 15 times the amount produced by women. Once testosterone enters the bloodstream, 96 percent to 98 percent of it will be linked to a protein called albumin and globulin and used to support kidney and circulatory function. The remaining testosterone, known as “free testosterone,” then reacts with muscle cells to create physical changes. Theoretically, the more “free testosterone” available, the greater the muscle mass that will form. Various studies have shown that more supply of “free testosterone” can lead to increased muscle mass. Testosterone can increase muscle mass because it increases muscle protein synthesis in the body. This will further lead to increased fat-free muscle mass and muscle size. Testosterone ( an anabolic hormone) is also known to limit the effects of cortisol (a catabolic hormone). Increased testosterone will inhibit the effects of cortisol as a muscle mass breaker. Testosterone is also associated with its ability to increase the number of red blood cells. Increased red blood cells will increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body and help increase endurance in athletes.