High Blood Pressure Dangers

Do you have high blood pressure? or like to experience the symptoms of high blood pressure factors? For that immediately do the treatment and prevention by controlling blood pressure on a regular basis. For now, we will discuss the problem of High Blood Hazard At Young Ages. High blood pressure is a risk factor more than heart disease. Hypertension or high blood pressure can damage your body for years before symptoms develop secretly. Left uncontrollably, you may end up with a defect or even a fatal heart attack. If you need treatment for this, you can visit reviewsfactor website.

In this situation, high blood pressure can cause:

– Problems with your brain, characterized by memory loss, personality changes, difficulty concentrating, irritability or progressive loss of consciousness (encephalopathy)

– Severe damage to the main arteries of your body (aortic dissection)

– Seizures in pregnant women (preeclampsia or eclampsia)

– pumping sudden heart disorders, causing fluid reserves in the lungs resulting in shortness of breath

– Sudden loss of renal function (acute renal failure)

In most cases, this emergency arises because high blood pressure has not been adequately controlled.

Therefore from now on to the future level, love your body and watch your body health well not to cause some problems that will threaten your body health. High blood pressure or hypertension includes a silent killer, a disease that silently kills. Without symptoms and serious complaints, this high blood pressure disorder is prone to develop trigger heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke. High blood pressure also accelerates the blockage in the arteries that are angry on a heart attack or stroke, if an artery that drains blood to the heart or to the brain is blocked. Stroke can also occur due to the weakening of blood vessel walls in the brain due to high blood pressure.

Besides being a major factor in heart and blood vessel disease, high blood pressure also causes weakness in the arteries of other parts of the body such as the eyes, kidneys, legs, if in the prolonged let the body parts will suffer serious damage. Blood pressure is a measure of the strength of blood pushing blood vessel walls. And when hypertension occurs, the heart will work harder to pump blood to the body, which in the long term can trigger the hardening of blood vessels.