Here Are Some Techniques In Tennis That You Can Do

Everyone knows that exercise is an activity that can make the body healthy. There are many types of sports that you can do so that your health can be maintained. You can do tennis. There are many people who do tennis regularly. You must have tennis shoes so you can play tennis well. Shoes affect the way you play tennis. You can visit so you get best tennis shoes.

When playing tennis, you have to do a number of techniques. Here are some techniques you can do when playing tennis.

1. Service Techniques
There are 3 basic techniques for doing service techniques in a tennis court game correctly, namely:
– Slice service
This first service technique is a service with a forehand or backhand punch. The trick is to tilt the racket head slightly and when it hits, the racket is swung from bottom to top.
– American twist
The second service technique is an American twist. The trick is to bounce the ball behind the left side so that the punch can be done just above the head. When doing a blow, the ball must hit the back.
– Flat serve
And the last service technique is flat serve or often called Cannon Ball Service. This technique is different from the previous technique when making a punch. With this technique, the resulting punch will be very loud and can also produce a little spin of the ball.

2. Racket Holding Technique
There are two ways to hold a racquet in a good tennis court game:
– Eastern Forehand
This technique is often referred to as a handshake grip. This technique is the easiest technique for beginner players to do. Although easy, this technique can produce a variety of complete blows such as slice, spin or flat
– Continental
The technique of holding a racket is a classic technique used by tennis players. In the past, this technique was used when tennis racquets were still made from wood.