Here Are Some Rules In Playing Golf That Beginners Should Know

For those who have just started playing golf, they may find it difficult to understand the games and terms in the sport golf savers. For this reason, understanding the terms and rules of the game is what you must do. Don’t forget to also play golf in the right golf course, one of which is in bangkok golf. Select the golf course that really meets your needs.


For those of you who have just started learning to play this sport, there are some rules that you should know from the start. Some of the rules referred to here are

1. First blow starts with Teeing Ground
If the game of golf consists of 2 teams with 2 people each and is usually called foursomes, then each team member must hit one by one. Everyone in the team must use only one ball from the teeing ground.

2. The least number of blows that will be the winner
Different from other sports games, in the golf game the main rule is the least number of blows that will make the player a winner. If other sports prioritize the highest score in the winner, in golf the winner is the one who hits the least.
The point here is that each player needs to put the ball into a hole where the number of blows must be at least. That is why every player is highly demanded to have good skills and also with a good feeling so that the direction of the ball runs perfectly. That way, the punch doesn’t need to be done many times.

3. Walk for the Next Blow
Walking is something that is usually done by pegol, especially when they want to make the next hit. This proves that sport or golf is a relaxing activity so that to go to the next place of the blow can be quite a walk.