As an island not yet known to everyone. Galapagos is a great place to sail. Many boats are sailing there to find a variety of rare animals that can only be found on the island. Sailing tours are activities you can do armpits are visiting there. Clear waters will make you feel comfortable in the place.

Keep in mind also that there are hundreds of species of animals that are in there and many are only found in the Galapagos. although it is bypassed by the equator, the islands have a temperate climate. The islands are cooled by the Southern Equatorial currents, the cold river in the ocean that carries water from the Humboldt Stream. There are different types of animals that only live on the island, such as

– Iguana Ground
Lizards along the half-meter and have a scary face maybe do look dangerous, but in fact, they are not as dangerous as thought. These animals live in the islands and eat the leaves of a thorny cactus.

– Sea Iguanas
Sea lizards in the archipelago feed on large algae and other seaweed by diving up to 12 meters and staying in the water for up to 30 minutes.

– Sea lions
Approximately 50,000 sea lions are geologists subspecies sea lion California, live on the island. because of the growth of slim, this animal became a swift swimmer in the waters of the island.

– Penguin Galapagos
This is a cold water penguin relative whose height reaches 50 centimeters. This Galapagos penguin develops in the cool waters of the tropical islands.

– Darwin’s Sparrow
Historically, Charles Darwin went to Galapagos in September 1835. He identified 13 species of sparrows there. Despite the same size and colors, each species has a distinct beak. Darwin ultimately made the theory that the descendants of the first species were adapt there in various ways over the special habitats of the islands. the various sparrows there are sparrows, plant-eaters, or insectivores.