If you notice many websites have hundreds of articles up to tens of thousands, not all have large visitors. While there are also blogs that the article a little not infrequently can have a lot of visitors. It’s true that they’re likely hiring the recommended internet marketing service like the SEO Singapore, but some of them might also use the unique and effective method.

Then why is that? The answer is optimized content.

Growth hacking

The meaning of growth hacking itself is a technique or marketing strategy combined with computer science skills. The ultimate goal is to generate an ever-increasingly aggressive number of potential consumers.

Not all the clients I hold can be done growth hacking immediately. But here we will review how to increase website traffic dramatically accompanied by case studies.

Actually, there are many strategies that we can try to increase the number of visitors blog or our website. Part of it can be done for free, while some other ways to increase visitors required capital.

The question is what marketing strategy is most suitable for your website or blog?

What are the prerequisites needed for a successful growth hacking strategy to increase website visitors?

Although there are many options to increase visitors we can do, but not all ways can match the type of website that we have. Just as the optimization in eCommerce is not necessarily compatible with news media.

We must be wise in choosing traffic sources so that the results can be more leverage. And consistency and value to web visitors are required for efforts to increase traffic blog/website can be successful

1. Consistency

If to fail it just needs consistency as well as to successfully reproduce visitors. Definitely more need a name consistency.

The deeper and more often you write about the same topic, then the ratio will be the greater your website to get out search results for related keywords. Consistency key here keeps at least 1 week 1-time release quality articles.

2. Give Value to Website Visitors

If we talk value then we talk about quality as a priority, not quantity. Previously you need to do regular research to identify website visitors, how the behavior (behavior) visitor. Then launch a breakthrough for the website to have a distinctive color or can help the problem of website visitors.