Good Gesture During Job Interviews

Job interviews are often considered as a tense moment for job applicants, especially those who have no experience at all. Seeing this phenomenon my online job centre, directgov jobs opened consulting services on how to do a good job interview so that the company would accept job applicants.

Job interviews may look easy, but this is the moment where the company will judge you directly. You will face the company and answer their questions.. Some gestures during interviews are also very important to show that you are a professional. For those of you who will face a job interview, you should use these three gestures to show that you are a professional person:

– A firm handshake
The way you shake hands with other people can reflect your personality. Try to shake the interviewer’s hand firmly. If your handshake is too weak, the interviewer will assume you lack confidence or are not interested in the job offered. But if it’s too tight, you can be considered aggressive or overly confident.

– Keep eye contact
Nervous is a natural feeling and can make it difficult for someone to focus on seeing interviewer directly on eyes. The easiest way to deal with nervousness is to look down or look in various directions. During a job interview, try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Give a natural look and show your enthusiasm during the interview process. If you feel uncomfortable looking at the interviewer for too long, sometimes you may look the other way when you think of an answer.

– Enough hand movements
The safest hand position is to put it on your lap. Avoid crossing your arms on your chest because this will give you a defensive impression. Putting your hands on your lap can also help you avoid excessive hand movements. Too much hand movement will disturb the interviewer. They will assume you are less able to control yourself in a critical situation.