Local SEO expert is the profession that has been done by Jacques Vrolijkn for over two decades. During his work up until now, he always served his customer with satisfaction and awe for his skill. He opened his business in Local SEO consult and offers you several benefits you will get once you take his program. The main program he did is Local SEO consultation. His session occurs three to four hour and it can be last in one week on an average basis, however, it can become shorter or longer depending on the business market and type and the problem that might be happened.

The SEO consultation including six parts such as proposal for changes on your current websites, several plannings to outrank the big company ads and major ads, keyword advise, short track SEO training design specifically based on your websites needs, several books and guide to add your knowledge about SEO, and the last session is a detailed step of action plan. But before we can go through that six steps we need to do introduction session to getting know your business type, your competitor, your market target and other detailed analysis of your business to make a preform action plan to become the winner among the tight online competitor. Other than that if you have staff or division focused on SEO development, we provide staff training program to get to know the latest SEO advancement and upgraded the old SEO with the new SEO method that will learn during the training class. All the information about staff training program and SEO consultation explain completely in our business websites on http://localseoexpertlondon.co.uk . We offer you the best consultant we have and claimed we will get your online presence higher and getting more rate and view from a loyal customer and new customer and absolutely for our potential customer.