It’s not a secret anymore that extra virgin olive oil or organic evoo does indeed have benefits for beauty. Of the several benefits above it is well known that this oil has benefits for beauty. Then, more specifically what are the beauty benefits we will get from this oil?

– As a moisturizer
This extra virgin oil has properties that can penetrate deep into the skin of the face, so it will provide moisture to our facial skin and make our skin look smoother. When we deliberately make this extra virgin oil as a moisturizer, we can massage it to the skin a little wet so that the remaining little water was able to keep the skin from feeling too oily.

– Eye makeup cleanser
This extra virgin oil can also help us to remove the remnants of makeup around our eyes. How to use is to drip two drops of olive oil on cotton, then rubbed on the affected part of the eye.

– Skin elasticity
Extra virgin oil can also bring elasticity to our skin. It is increasingly used this oil will further increase the elasticity of our skin. How to use is to apply this olive oil on the face and massage it slowly. And feel the benefits of elasticity to be given this oil.

– Exfoliating skin
To make a natural exfoliant we can use this extra virgin oil mixture with sea salt. Then wipe on your face, especially on the dry skin and also scaly. This mixture of herbs can work by getting rid of old or worn skin cells as well as dry skin, resulting in new and younger skin cells.

– Maintain healthy lips
This extra virgin oil can work to moisten the lips, which will make the chapped lips become healthy and moist again. The way by rubbing this oil into our lip area, especially on the lips that cracked.