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Eliminate Carpet Stains In Coffee With Three Steps

Carpets have become one of the furniture that cannot be separated from many people. Many people rely on the look of their room with the carpet. A comfortable room will certainly make you comfortable there. There are various choices of carpet that can be used. However, what needs to be considered and very important is how you clean the carpet later. Carpet Cleaning North Shore is a carpet cleaning service that you can use.

One of the most difficult stains to remove is a coffee spill stain. When you accidentally spill coffee on a carpet, there are several right ways to clean it.

1. The first most important step if the carpet is exposed to coffee stains is by wiping it as soon as possible using a cloth towel or a clean cloth.
Never rub the cloth into the spill, because it will make the stain even wider. You need to press the coffee spill so that it is absorbed into the cloth until it dries.

2. then sprinkle one tablespoon of baking powder just above the surface of the carpet affected by the coffee spill. Avoid using vinegar because it can damage carpet fiber.
If there are still coffee water stains that stick or stains are already dry on the surface of the carpet, you should wash them. To wash the carpet, prepare water that has warm nails. Then, dip the surface of the carpet that has been stained into this warm water several times.

3. Then, apply a gentle detergent to taste on the surface of the stained carpet. Rub the stained carpet surface using a downy brush with a directional motion. Repeat the brushing process until the coffee stain on the carpet has disappeared. To rinse it, prepare cold water in the bucket. Soak the brushed carpet surface in cold water for 30-45 minutes.

As a final step, you can rinse this washed carpet in running water. Re-examine the carpet surface exposed to coffee stains. If the coffee stain is still somewhat visible, you can repeat the steps above once more.


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