Before undergoing a therapy program, the patient should undergo examination and assessment performed by a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiotherapy physician), so that can be determined therapy program required. The patient should also ask the unknown, for example about the objectives, benefits, or risks that may occur, as well as the expected outcome of a physiotherapy program from physiotherapy clinic in Orchard Road, Singapore.

Each physiotherapy program will be conducted in several sessions and guided by a physiotherapist. To prepare before a physiotherapy session, patients are advised to frequently move the body. In order to move more freely, patients can use clothes that are not too tight or rather loose. Patients with neck pain may wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts to make it easier for doctors to examine the area around the shoulders and arms. Shorts should also be used for patients suffering from hip, knee or ankle pain.

Physiotherapy generally lasts 30-60 minutes per session. Within a week, patients can perform several sessions, depending on the program plan and the physiotherapy techniques used. The frequency and timing of therapy may also change, adjusted to the results of recent physiotherapy.

There are 3 main approaches done in the physiotherapy program. Among others are:

– Manual Therapy
– Exercise and Movement
– Education and Advice

In addition to the above 3 main approaches, the physiotherapy program may also apply other techniques to help cure the patient. Other techniques, among them, are:

– Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). TENS will transmit electrical signals to disturbed areas to relieve pain.

– Ultrasound therapy. High-frequency sound waves are used to handle injuries to deep tissues by stimulating cell activity. The goal of ultrasound therapy is to reduce pain, strain, and speed up the recovery process.

After completing a program, the patient will be reunited with the physiotherapist to see progress and evaluate a physiotherapy program. After evaluation, the patient may perform other physiotherapy programs or repeat the same program. When the physiotherapy program is declared complete, it does not mean that the advice or training that has been given is also completed. Patients can apply suggestions and exercises that can be done at home to continue to improve the functioning of these body parts, as well as prevent further injury.