Do You Know These Two Desoldering Techniques?

Sometime we might want the result of the solder connection to be removed or separated or we want to adjust the position of the cable or component, that’s why we need to do an activity called Desoldering. We’d like to tell you how to do it. Fortunately, there’s also another method on how to desolder the easy way.

There are two standard ways to do this:

a. Using Attractor (Tin Suction)

– Press the pump/spring until it locks
– After the joint has heated up with the solder and the lead has melted, point the tip of the Attractor towards the connection point
– Press the button to release the spring so as to suck the molten lead into the attractor
– Repeat the previous method to remove or clean the remaining lead that is still attached to the joint
– The attractor may need to be emptied by unscrewing when it is full

b. Using Solder Remover Wick (Copper Tape)

– Guide the copper tape towards the joint along with the hot solder tip
– Instantly the lead melts, and the lead is immediately attracted to the copper tape
– Lift the copper tape first and then the solder is also lifted.
– Cut and discard the lead affected copper tape.
– Repeat the previous method to remove or clean the remaining lead that is still attached to the joint

After you’ve removed most of the lead from the joint, you can remove or repair any wires or components from the PCB board. If the joint doesn’t separate easily, try heating the joint again with solder, then pulling on the wire or component as soon as the lead melts. Be careful because heat can propagate through the components so that it can burn your own hands.

In general, accidents during soldering are usually not too severe and the treatment is relatively easy:

– As soon as possible cool the burned body part with cold water. Let the burnt area sit for an interval of 5 minutes (15 minutes recommended). If there is ice it might be more helpful, but don’t let it cool down too late with cold water
– Don’t apply ointments or creams for faster recovery. A dry cloth will be useful, such as a handkerchief, to cover wounds from dirty environments
– Get medical help if necessary.


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