Do You Know These 4 Unique Facts About Turkey?

It turns out that behind the deliciousness of the meat, turkey has several facts that probably not many people know. Even the unique facts possessed by turkeys may not be found in other animals. One of those facts makes it hard for hunters to hunt them if they don’t know how to bait turkeys.

What are the unique things about turkey? It turns out that there are 4 unique facts about the turkey that are rarely known:

1. Turkey is not originally from Turkey

It turns out that this animal is not from Turkey. Turkey was originally discovered in Mexico and North America more than 400 years ago. Then the Spaniards came to Mexico and brought the turkey to be distributed to the European continent. However, the British thought the large bird similar to a chicken was brought from Turkey, so they named the turkey ‘Turkey’ until now.

2. Turkey is Benjamin Franklin’s Favorite Bird

The founding father of the United States once proposed that the turkey be made the National Bird in America. In a letter he wrote to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin wrote two reasons behind this statement. First, Benjamin Franklin was very fond of birds that were once only found in this region of America. Second, compared to the eagle which is now a symbol of the United States, the turkey is considered a symbol that is more depicting courage, because of its characteristic that will not hesitate to attack enemies who have entered its territory.

3. Differentiating the sex of Turkey with feces

By checking the shape of the droppings, you can find out whether the turkey is male or female. Male turkeys will emit stools that are straight and curved at the ends that resemble the letter J. Meanwhile, female turkeys emit dirt that is more spiral in shape.

4. Turkeys Can Fly for a While and They Run Fast

Despite having a relatively larger body than similar birds, turkeys can fly short distances of up to about 90 meters. However, not all types of turkeys can fly, only wild turkeys, which are relatively smaller and thinner than breeders, can fly.
Apart from flying, turkeys can run fast at speeds of 40 to 89 km / h. That speed is enough to overwhelm the enemy.


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