Do You Know The Job Desks Of IT Support Staffs?

IT Support is a technician in an organization/company who has the responsibility for installation, evaluation, On-Site PC Services, and improvement of three main objects, such as computers, software, and network system development. This time we will try to break down the job desk of an IT support staff so that you get a better picture, so you understand what they will do if your company decides to hire an expert in IT support.

Here is a breakdown of the work:

1. You have to make sure the computer used by the user can function normally / run as it should
2. You must make sure the computer used by the user is connected to the network and can communicate as it should
3. You have to make sure that the applications used by the user function as they should
4. You also need to make sure that all data that a user has on the computer cannot be read or retrieved by unauthorized parties without the user’s permission
5. You also have to check and update any updates to the operating system and applications run by the user
6. You are in charge of doing backups of all data so that it is safe and if the system experiences a problem, you need to restore data from the existing backup system
7. You are also responsible for supporting machines such as printers, scanners and so on
8. You are the party that helps maintain system security through various tools such as scanning with antivirus and so on
9. You make settings on the browser
10. You are also tasked with checking and fixing any problems with the user’s computer network

These details do not apply to all companies or organizations. Why? Because each user has their policies and needs. Therefore, before you decide to hire an IT support staff, make sure you read their company policies before you hire one of their experts.


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