Definition of Link Building

You can get the definition of link building on various sites that discuss SEO, but in general, link building is the link planting in various other sites that direct the URL to your URL with various keywords. If you need help in link building, you can visit

Then where do we get the link building source? There are several link building sources that you can use to optimize your website, namely:

– Blog Commenting. Putting our website link when commenting on other websites in the comments column or website column in the name and website fields when filling in a comment.

– Activity Forum. Putting a link when creating a thread, answering a thread, or in the form of a link in signature.

– Social Bookmark. Conducting activities to share links on social bookmarks.

– Guest Blogging. Submit articles in which there is a link to our website to be published on other people’s websites.

– Submit Directory. Listing our website in an online directory.

Actually, there are many other types of link building resources that can be used, both the easier and the more complicated. But in general, for beginner SEO players, the 5 sources of links above can be considered enough to start learning basic link building. Once you understand the basic link building, then in the future you will find out for yourself how best to get links from other websites.

And that needs to be considered, when placing a link on the source of the building link above, do it naturally. Using software assistance or behaving like software when link building will obviously invite Google suspicion.

Link building must be done at DoFollow
Link characteristics are of two kinds: dofollow and nofollow. Both are distinguished from the active nature of the link. The characteristics sought for link building are the dofollow, where the website that we place a link to our website “recognizes” the link. The ‘acknowledgment’ of the website will make Google also acknowledge the link.

While websites that have nofollow link settings, no matter how many links we place, the website will not recognize it, and Google’s effect will not be acknowledged as well, as a result the link is just a regular link, not useful for building your website network.

So before leaving the link, make sure the website or forum where you plan to place the link has a dofollow link setting, or your link will be useless.