Brunch, A New Habit Between Breakfast and Lunch

Brunch is a term commonly used by many people when eating food outside of the breakfast and lunch hours. The term brunch itself stands for breakfast and lunch. When viewed from the ist regular brunch menu is eaten at 11.00-15.00. The term combined breakfast and lunch is commonly used by people who like to eat and always fail a diet. In addition, brunch is often done by very busy people.

The brunch menu usually consists of a type of food that is not too heavy but is also not a snack for snacks. So not only is the time responsible, but brunch also has a responsible menu. Brunch itself can be either sweet or savory foods such as pancakes, sandwiches or burgers. According to nutritionists, we must choose healthy foods but the portions are not too much … Do not choose fried foods, because fried foods do not contain healthy elements.

You can also choose filling watermelon or fruit. Look for a menu of balanced nutrition such as a menu consisting of vegetables, protein and fat, but do not contain too much fat. Combine a food menu that suits our needs. Don’t forget to complete the brunch menu by consuming enough fruit and water. At least 2-3 cups or more. You can also choose a ½ piece of papaya, 1 banana, 1 piece of melon, 1 apple, 1 orange or 1/2 slice of watermelon. If the menu above is not able to make your stomach full and still want to enjoy a little heavy brunch, you can choose a menu that contains protein such as meat.

But what needs to be remembered is that it is better to get breakfast than brunch too often. Your stomach and brain need nutrients for activities in the morning. If you do not get used to breakfast, then your brain cannot work optimally.