Avoid Worldly Temptations

Our Lord is given the temptation to have this earth then become noble but on one condition, worship the devil miracle healing prayers. The temptation of glory is a very high human desire.

Jesus proved that he was not tempted by the offer. The kingdom of Satan is founded on competition, strife, and war while the kingdom of God is founded on love.

Contact miracle healing prayer if you enjoy of worldly pleasure. Ask them to pray for you so that you don’t fall into the trap of the devil.
Surely this kind of temptation continues to occur in our lives. Here are some examples of temptations that we often find:

1. You are tempted to want more worldly possessions to be appreciated by others. What do you do? Corrupt or conspire to weaken others?
2. Someone has discovered the secret of life. What did he do? Save it for yourself so that other people fall and get left out or reveal it to the public?
3. What is done when there is someone/group of people showing off their possessions in front of you? Will you curse it, judge it or be grateful for being happy when a friend is happy.
4. You want a certain position but have to pay a bundle of money, is that appropriate?
5. There are those who want to be praised by others but rely on the power of the material to control others, so they will adore you.
6. Someone prides himself on the creativity he has and justifies any means to achieve it. Even dirty and inappropriate works are also legalized.
7. The person who reaches a position but with deception and oppression to get rid of his opponents.
8. Someone who wants to be famous but at the expense of things that are very valuable in his life.

Realize that desire for noble is in the flesh of every human being. Whether it’s to be rich, popular, praised, respected and so forth.
Again, understand that these kinds of things will lead your life to be closer to the material.
As a result, the heart is increasingly adrift and it becomes very difficult to move from worldly things. Even to addiction.
Those who depend on material things no longer care about the truth where God is only used as an identity.
At this stage, humans will lose their common sense, apply strange, perverted and excessive because of the tendency to legalize all means.