AvaTrade Provides Excellent Support And Education For Traders

Customer support in AvaTrade is handled by the team of multilingual support representatives at AvaTrade. Customer support is available twenty-four hours in five days and this ensures that traders at AvaTrade get the assistance they always need. Traders on AvaTrade can communicate with support members via email, phone, fax, live chat, and social media. Among the best characteristics of AvaTrade customer support is that their support service is localized. There are several local telephone numbers that traders can take advantage of because of the cheap telephone rates. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to know that AvaTrade also offers NASDAQ100. If you’ve been unlucky with other Brokers, perhaps you want to trade it in AvaTrade. In addition, you can also visit http://www.nas100brokers.com/ to find more brokers that deal in NAS100.

The company is committed to offering top class service. Hence, they offer impeccable customer support services via Live Chat, e-mail, and local phone numbers in nearly 3 dozen countries. This allows nearly every trader to reach AvaTrade customer support in their own language.

AVATrade customer service unit is online as long as the market remains open. It is available 24 × 5 hours except for weekends. Together with company-based headquarters, AvaTrade has also requested contact numbers for more than 20 locations around the world that will allow you to reach out in the language of your choice. The very responsive customer service is quite helpful.

AvaTrade offers clients and customers the most complete support system. This website supports various types of languages, such as:

– Spanish
– Russian
– Portuguese
– Japanese
– Italian
– German
– French
– English
– Dutch
– Chinese
– Arabic

Apart from some of the benefits traders receive on AvaTrade, traders are also entitled to access a series of online courses, daily analysis, and live webinars. AvaTrade offers educational courses through SharpTrader and AvaTrade. The information there is complete and well organized.

It covers several topics such as economic indicators, Forex, commodities, and CFDs. A trader is allowed to choose between a written course and a video-based course. Written courses provide an in-depth analysis of individual subtopics. Video-based topics include both advanced topics and beginner topics.


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