Technology For Education

Today, technology and computers are not only used to aid human work but are also widely used for education. Not only education at the university level but also applied at the primary school level. This is done to introduce the technology to the new generation and hope among them to find new technology that can […]


Damage Caused By Drugs

We can see if there are many teenagers who use drugs in the wrong way or even make it as their Lifestyle. Of course, many of the losses they get and bad effects on the body can be damaging and end with death. The following is the damage to the body and mental consequences of […]


Causes Shoulder Feels Painful

Have your shoulders felt stiff and painful when moved? When that happens, you may get frozen shoulder or capsulitis adhesive. Frozen shoulder is a disorder in which the connective tissue around the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder becomes inflamed, stiff, and abnormal resulting in the movement is limited and very painful. Disorders of the shoulder […]