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A2 English Test For Reading Topics That You Should Know

If you’re an English learner, it might be familiar with English level A2, right? This is the second level of English in the CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference. It will determine of which level of language proficiency of yours. It is a basic level that compiled by the Council of Europe, which determine that everyone can speak basic English. At this level, the students have known or mastered basic English and can communicate for daily conversations. You can take the british life skills to know how far you get into English skill.

One of the A2 English test aspects is reading, here are you can check the information about it down below.
A2 English Test for Reading Topics
A2 English test will measure how far you understand and in which level of your language proficiency, here are some tips for reading topics that you should know.
1. Accommodation
In the first part is about accommodation, which you can choose the correct picture as the instructions there.
2. Shopping
The next reading topics in A2 English test is about shopping. You have to read the description of a new shopping mall and answer questions that connected with the text about it.
3. Education
You can read about the educational opportunities for 16-year-olds and answer the questions based on the text.
4. Daily routine
You have to read about a woman’s job as a Christmas elf and try to answer it depending on the text.
5. Transport
In transport, you have to choose the correct meaning for the transport signs. Make sure to be detailed, so you will not fail.
6. Free time
In this part, you have to read the Instant Messaging Conversation by choosing the answer whether True, False or Not in the text.
7. Weather
In this part, you have to read about the climate in Madagascar on a travel website and choose the right answer, by choosing True or False.
That’s all the information about A2 English test for reading topics that you should know. Hopefully, it will be useful and informative for you who need this. Make sure to take a high-quality standard test. So, good luck with your English test!