A Little Creation, an Apartment Balcony Can Be a Relaxation Spot

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful garden full of ornamental plants, aquatic plants, or even edible plants. Without realizing it, the existence of a balcony which is generally only used as a space for drying clothes can be used to make your dreams come true. Quoted from the realestate.com page, here are some things you must know before designing a garden on an apartment balcony; Before you start buying some large pots, make sure that your balcony can handle the heavy load. If you can walk on it easily without any obstacles, that means your balcony is ideal enough to be converted into a mini garden using artificial grass.

If your balcony area is narrow, the method of making a vertical garden or better known as a vertical garden can be an alternative. The planting medium used in general is not soil media, but fabric carpet or rock wool which can absorb water with a thickness of 7cm. Not only does it beautify your apartment, but the vertical garden also functions to lower the air temperature so that it can cool and provide natural freshness. Storing a pile of gardening supplies in a container seems to make your garden feel cramped and takes up quite a bit of space. Therefore, take advantage of pegboard (pegboard) as the medium. That way, you can hang flush pots, shovels, scissors, and even rubber gloves side by side. Besides being tidier and more organized, this can also be used as an additional decoration for your garden.

For those of you who feel a garden without grass feels less comfortable, maybe the use of synthetic grass tiles can be used as a shortcut. You will immediately feel the real garden impression. Or another way that can be done is to put the grass in a rectangular wooden pot. When visiting a plant shop, choose a variety of ornamental plant seeds and vegetable plants that you like. But keep in mind, adjust the size of the plant when it grows later with the area of ??your apartment balcony. Also pay attention to the size of the pot you choose, to make it easier to organize.


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