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Tips on Buying Overseas Property

The main purpose of investing abroad is to be leased, therefore, countries such as Australia, Malaysia and the United States. In Australia and the United States, you can target the market for student tenants because these two countries are often the destinations of students from abroad to continue their education. Meanwhile, if you love to have a place to stay in Indonesia, just try check out the visi-jabon.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is popular as a ‘health tourism’ destination. The cost of examination and health measures is relatively more affordable when compared to some countries in Asia, so many other countries prefer to go to the neighboring country. Although the cost is relatively affordable, the quality is not inferior, even better than domestic.

Well, thus, the location that should be the target of your property investment is a location that is close to campus or health facilities.


Before you start looking for property, both online and direct viewing, you need to calculate funds and what your maximum purchasing power is.

Often investors look for their dream property, but don’t pay attention to whether enough funds are available to get it. This certainly often brings disappointment.

Therefore do not just calculate the targeted property prices, but also take into account all costs, taxes, financing, etc., so that your money is not used up just to buy the property.

Do Research

Research is very important to do so that your investment is not endless futile. In addition to looking for detailed property information that is targeted, do not forget to observe market conditions in that location. Several years ago, the United States experienced a property bubble, so that many rental property managers offered their investments in some other countries.

In addition, pay attention to competitors and identify the market prices of the property you are looking for. Make sure you pay at a reasonable price. Don’t trust people who give information about the price of the property too quickly.